Unique Finish Options

Hand – Hewn

hand hewn 2

The modern practice of assaulting the edges and surfaces of to create rustic beams leaves us more distressed than the timber in question. Our experience of hewing beams from logs gives us an in-depth knowledge of the true characteristics of this finish and we use axes, adzes and speciality planes to leave an authentically hand-hewn surface.

Planed & Sanded

oiled and planed

There are few materials so pleasant to touch as a well-cared for piece of wood. All of our beams are sanded to furniture standard before we hand-chamfer every edge, corner and peg-hole. This prevents splintering as the wood ages or as pegs are driven through the joint, makes waxing or oiling quick and easy and shows off the fascinating contours of solid wood beams. We’re not happy with our work until our beams are flawlessly finished.

Charred Wood

charred wood

The ancient practise of Shou-Sugi-Ban is gaining popularity as both a functional and decorative wood finish which improves weather-resistance and creates a contemporary aesthetic to interior beams. We love the dark colours and mottled textures that are left behind once the wood has been sanded and oiled to a gleaming finish.


Deep Textured

This remarkable effect of bringing to light the natural and internal contours of wood is a subtle but incredibly beautiful and unusual surface finish which elevates our beams to a sculptural entity. We can do understated, we can do dramatic and we’re very sure you won’t find this effect anywhere else!