Lifelong Quality

Garden Arch

We love to show off our love of wood and gardens are a perfect place to exhibit the creativity and passion which are so important to our work.

Our garden products are built in Ireland, with Irish wood, and for Irish weather. Irish weather is consistently humid so we only chose woods which are proven to provide a long lasting beauty. Our woods do not need toxic chemical preservatives – this is great news for your soil  and for your families health.

Outdoor Rooms

Garden Frame

An outdoor structure is a chance to expand your living space and give you year round shelter. We use our frames to create beautifully crafted outdoor rooms, conservatories and gazebos. Covered patio spaces prolong the time you can spend enjoying your garden, eating outdoors and getting fresh air without weather getting in the way.

Our framed structures can also be used to create children’s play spaces, work-spaces or tiny homes. We can add glass walls and glass roofs to maximise light or leave open sections to invoke a sense of connection to the outdoors.

Garden Furniture


We create garden furniture which is durable to Irish weather and creatively designed . We love heavy woods, unusual designs and striking the right balance between functionality and aesthetics. We believe in comfortable seats, eye-catching benches, and  rustic tables with a pleasing elegance.

Garden Features

Just like your garden, wood will change with the seasons and your garden feature will gently mature over its lifetime. From Arches and Arbors to Bridges and Swings our clients look for a unique focal point for their garden – our role is to design and build something which lasts as long in the memory as it does on the ground.


Tree Carving Service

Your end of life or windblown trees can be transformed into unique sculpted features. If you have a tree on your property that needs to be removed we can give it a second life and allow it to remain part of your  life for years to come, now in a bespoke art form.

We will manage the whole process, from tree felling and removal, to project design and build, before returning your transformed tree back to its home.