Discover The Ancient Art Of Timber Framing

Grace Design now run small group timber framing workshops in West Wicklow. Participants will learn methods of designing, marking and cutting the handmade joints which lie at the heart of our work. A range of techniques will be demonstrated and taught using hand, power and specialist tools. Along the way we will discuss how to use wood in Irelands damp climate to ensure strong, durable and beautiful structures, choosing the right sized beams for the job and how to work in harmony with the nature of green wood.


Course Content

  • The elements of precision cutting by hand and how to avoid common mistakes.
  • Handling large beams and prepping for the best result.
  • Selecting beam sizes
  • Creating firm, tight joints
  • How to accommodate for shrinkage
  • Knowledge sharing between participants
  • How to mark accurately and consistently
  • Selecting tools-from basic essentials to advanced requirements
  • Adding flair and character to your structure

Hands On Craft Workshop

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Who is this course for?

No experience of joinery is needed to attend the course and most important criteria is an interest in the craft.

The course is best suited to those who have:

  • Interest in traditional framing methods
  • An intermediate skill level of woodworking with hand or power tools
  • Interest in crafting bespoke wooden features-porches, trusses, pergolas
  • Interest in experiencing the uniquely soft and pliable nature of green wood
  • Professional wood work background and who wish to advance their skills and services
  • A wish to build their own bespoke wood structure but are inexperienced in heavy wood joinery

Book Your Place

Autumn course dates are now fully booked and our waitlist is also closed.

If you are interested in attending a one-day weekend course in Spring 2020 please fill in the booking form and we will contact you next year.